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Benefits for Architects & Designers

Bluescope TruecoreWe welcome the opportunity to work with you from the very early stages of design to ensure your design objectives are achieved. Our steel wall framing and roof truss system is designed to make the building process efficient and quicker without compromise to the structural and aesthetic outcomes. Our system also provides freedom in floor layout and architectural design for your building. All of the frame sections are rolled in our factory using the latest high precision roll forming machine. We only use quality BlueScope Steel TRUECORE® that meets Australian standards and carries a 50 year warranty*.

Steel Frame Computer Aided DesignWe use sophisticated software to design and detail the wall frames and trusses that are efficiently engineered with certification to meet Australian building codes for cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas. Our wall and roof system consists of frames that are manufactured using a combination of 90mm ribbed C-sections for plates and nogging. The use of the ribbed C-section for Studs, Tracks and Noggins makes our frames up to 20% stronger than most other steel frame providers. Our frames are rivetted together rather than using screws like most of our competitors, ever asked yourself why Aeroplanes are rivetted and not screwed?

< Benefits for Home Owners

Truecore 50 Year WarrantyRecyclableDesign FlexibilityTermite ProofSteel Strength

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