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Benefits for Builders

Bluescope TruecoreOur steel framing systems incorporate wall frame and truss design to suit both domestic and commercial applications from simple to very complex designs. Our frames are available as factory assembled or “flat pack” form. The frames are lightweight and very easy to erect or assemble on site, we supply layout drawings to help you make the installation or onsite assembly very quick and easy. Added benefits of pre-punched holes for services, self-locating dimples and self-jigging make on site modifications, drilling and chasing a thing of the past.

Our steel framing systems stay perfectly straight and do not twist, warp, sag or shrink. The added OH&S benefit by eliminating the need for expensive chemical barriers contribute to your bottom line by providing cost and time savings.

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Truecore 50 Year WarrantyRecyclableDesign FlexibilityTermite ProofSteel Strength

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