4 Reasons Why Steel Roof Trusses Are a Worthy Investment

In today’s modern building markets, there are always companies that are looking to test new materials and truly innovate - one such way is replacing traditional wood roof trusses with steel trusses. Not only are you getting a longer lasting build with a steel truss, you’re getting a stronger roof. While timber was once the dominant material, steel has made a major entrance into the roofing process. It’s a fantastic option for large commercial buildings for added support.

Here are our four top reasons why steel roof trusses are a worthy investment.


Strength is one of the top reasons that a steel roof truss is a worthy investment - if you’re investing a lot of time, energy, and money into the project, you want to make sure it’s going to get the job done. Reinforced steel trusses are tested to withstand the harshest conditions, so you know you can rely on your investment. Steel also is bend and warp resistant and will stay straight through even the worst conditions. When you choose steel for your roofing project you’re really going to get peace of mind knowing that steel is strong and resilient.

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Steel is an easy material to work with, and steel trusses are relatively simple to construct, meaning the quality of the material is going to be higher. In fact, the fabrication process of steel trusses can actually cut down on your overall costs. Our steel is also durable and is resistant to corrosion, meaning your steel trusses are going to last a long time due to high-quality fabrication processes. Long-lasting steel trusses are a great investment no matter the project.


When undergoing a large construction project, safety should be a top concern when the building or home is finished. By choosing steel, you’re choosing safety. Steel is naturally fire resistant, meaning your home or business is going to be safe. Steel trusses significantly reduce the amount of flammable materials in your roof and can provide structural safety during a fire.

Easy to Assemble

We love steel roof trusses for their simplicity and longevity. You’re not going to have any issues assembling your steel roof with trusses that come either factory assembled or in a flat pack form. The high-quality steel and solid construction makes setup and assembly a breeze. We even provide thorough instructions to ensure everything is assembled correctly. The ease of assembly is going to make your project move quickly and can actually save you money on labour costs, making steel a solid investment for your next roofing project.

We Can Help

Safeway Constructions has been providing high-quality steel trusses for a long time now and we’d love to help you with your next project. Whether it’s cold-formed steel, steel trusses, or complete framing systems, we have just what you need for your next build. At Safeway Constructions, we know how

important it is to choose a material that’s going to exceed expectations as well as give you a return on your investment - when you choose steel, you’re getting exactly that.

We are known for our selection of the best steel materials in the area and have just what you need for your project. Our steel framing systems are perfect for a wide range of building needs. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today to discuss your project with one of our building experts. We can provide you a free, no obligation quote to get started - we would love to partner with you to help make your building dreams become a reality.