More Projects Are Choosing Precast Concrete in Melbourne from Safeway Constructions, Manufacturer of Quality Concrete Panels

Commercial and industrial projects in and around the city of Melbourne are choosing precast concrete over onsite-cast concrete for a number of reasons. Safeway Constructions has been servicing the industrial and commercial construction industries with high quality precast concrete in Melbourne for nearly 20 years. They have extensive experience in the manufacture of precast concrete, structural steel, and steel framing. Making concrete panels of various thicknesses and lengths, Safeway can provide a solution to a vast majority of project requirements. In many cases, choosing precast over site cast just must makes sense.

Precast Concrete Is Versatile and Durable

In producing precast concrete, there are many choices available as far as surface finishing, shapes, and even colour. Safeway Constructions precast can be made to a variety of thicknesses as well. From the standard 150mm all the way up to 300mm, we can produce varying lengths and widths as well. We have the ability to detail all of our precast concrete in-house using sophisticated 3D software. Once the concrete is in place, it is well known that is will last for many years. Projects that need structural stability over extended periods of time benefit greatly from precast concrete panels in Melbourne.

Melbourne Concrete Panels from Safeway Constructions Are Fast and Affordable

In the commercial project environment, timing and budgets are everything. Projects have due dates, and precast concrete can help speed up the development process. In the construction of a building with several floors, it is possible to complete the top floor before work starts on the foundation when you choose precast concrete. Our concrete panels will show up on time keeping your project both on schedule and budget.

Precast Concrete is Safe and Promotes a Healthy Environment

With precast concrete panels from Safeway Constructions, your projects are not only structurally stable, but they are safe as well. Concrete construction prevents the spread of fire and can resist the impact from other natural events such as earthquakes and floods. Precast concrete also promotes indoor air quality. Because of its construction and makeup, precast concrete remains stable throughout its life. It does not need any chemical treatment to protect it from rot or insect attacks. This type of construction technique keeps indoor air clean and healthy.

Our Melbourne Concrete Panels Are Eco-Friendly

We make our concrete panels from natural raw materials – gravels, sand, stones, and cement. Compared to other construction materials, precast concrete does not have similar negative impacts on the environment. In fact, a structure made from precast concrete can be recycled. Even with heavily reinforced concrete buildings, it’s possible to recycle nearly 100 percent of the material.

Choose Safeway Constructions for Precast Concrete in Melbourne

The benefits of using precast concrete are many. When your project needs quality precast concrete panels, Safeway is the Melbourne area’s premier manufacturer. Experience and expertise set Safeway apart from the competition. Get in contact to discuss your needs and to determine a solution. You can reach us by filling out the contact form on the website, or you can call directly on 03 9708 5775.