There Are Many Advantages to Precast Concrete. Why Choose Precast Panels in Melbourne?

Melbourne precast concrete panels are being used more frequently in major commercial and industrial building projects. Precast concrete, as opposed to site cast concrete, offers many advantages. Safeway Constructions is the Melbourne area leader in the manufacture of precast concrete panels. With nearly 20 years in the industry, their experience and expertise give them an edge that competitors just do not have. Safeway also provides structural steel and framework throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. Many of the projects that we deal with are choosing precast concrete and for good reason.

Why Precast Panels on Melbourne Projects Are Better Than Site Cast

Safeway Constructions manufactures all precast concrete panels in-house. Doing so allows us to control everything from the mix, the placement, and the curing. We are also able to ensure outstanding quality and a perfect fit. We monitor quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Clients can trust that they are receiving the best in precast concrete products from Safeway Constructions.

Since we make everything in-house, we can repeat panels very quickly. For example, a project may need 100 or more units of the same size precast panel. We can easily copy the panel again, maximising the value from one single mould and one set up. It is easy to repeat the manufacture of the same size panel.

Affordability is another factor. Melbourne precast concrete manufacturers like Safeway Constructions make a lot of concrete. They buy materials for their projects in vast quantities. Buying in such large quantities can lead to volume discounts. The savings that the manufacturers receive can be passed on to the end user. The manufacturing process also requires less labour, another production costs.

Eliminate the Onsite Problems

Precast concrete eliminates the problems associated with site-cast concrete. Weather can be a factor. You cannot cast concrete with the threat of rain or storms. Using Safeway Constructions for precast concrete panels eliminates the risk of weather problems. We can operate in any weather and always produce the same high quality results.

When casting concrete on-site, it must be allowed to cure. With Melbourne precast concrete from Safeway Constructions, there is no waiting for the concrete to gain strength. Precast panels can be installed immediately and are a key in keeping a project on schedule. At Safeway Constructions, we take lots of pride in getting jobs done, both on time and within budget. By being able to control the manufacturing process so tightly, we can accelerate the curing process, increase the strength of the precast concrete, and reduce the time between making it and putting into service.

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The advantages to precast concrete are many. There are also many benefits to using an experienced precast concrete manufacturer like Safeway Constructions. Call today for your free no obligation quote, and to discuss your project needs and the best solution. Contact on 03 0708 5775 or fill out the contact form on the website.