Why Builders Use Structural Steel Trusses in Melbourne Construction Projects

Commercial and industrial construction projects in the Melbourne area are often completed using a variety of materials. Most structures are constructed primarily of reinforced concrete, structural steel, or a combination of both. It is up to a design team to decide which of the materials, or both, are best suited to complete the project. Companies like Safeway Constructions are leaders in producing steel trusses in Melbourne as well as precast concrete and lightweight steel framing, and have been servicing the entire metropolitan area for many years, and can offer project management services for large and small buildings. Choose a sound construction company to help determine whether steel, concrete, or a combination of both best suit your development.

Choosing the Ideal Material

In considering the design and building of your project, there are many factors to consider. Cost, of course, is always a huge concern as those paying for the project want the absolute best final product for the price. Costs will largely depend on types of selected materials, and prices of these can fluctuate over time much like prices of everyday items such as milk and petrol. In considering site cast or precast concrete, the expense of forms and their construction make precast options very attractive. Safeway Constructions is Melbourne’s leader in the manufacture of custom precast concrete.

Another consideration of materials is related to durability and safety. You must consider the life cycle of the building when choosing suitable materials. Some materials are susceptible to corrosion because of their exposure to heat, moisture, and humidity. Steel trusses in a Melbourne building can rust if exposed directly to the environment. When steel rusts, its structural integrity is compromised. The other consideration with regards to building materials revolves around hazards such as fire. It is one of the most dangerous hazards any structure faces. Precast concrete typically is not a threat in the event of a fire, and can even resist a fire from spreading.

There is also the issue of strength to weight. Builders categorise construction materials by their particular strength, which is the ratio of strength to weight. Engineers and project managers find this useful in determining which materials to use for a given project. Concrete normally has a higher strength to weight ratio in compression making it a favourable choice especially when considering its cost.

Melbourne Steel Trusses from Safeway Constructions

At Safeway Constructions, we have been servicing the building industry with steel trusses and framework for almost 20 years. Structural steel is an excellent choice for many projects in the area. We can prepare each piece of steel accurately before welding it, cleaning it, and then painting it with primer to get ready for delivery. All of our steel trusses and steelwork is fabricated in-house using the latest in 3D technology to give us a complete view of the project and ensure the best quality and fit.

With our ability to provide steel framing and precast concrete, we can offer our clients a complete structural package. Having all components of a building project manufactured by one company allows customers the peace of mind knowing their completed job will be made correctly and on time. Call us today with your project needs and for a free no obligation quote. Contact us on 03 9708 5775 or fill out the contact form on our website.