Let Safeway Constructions Help Design Your Building Project: Call our Structural Steel, Precast Concrete and Steel Frame Fabricators Today

Your industrial building company breaks ground on a new factory or warehouse project in a few weeks. You have done the developmental process already, and you have the building plans in your possession. You’ve also picked out the worksite and its being prepared for construction as we speak. The question is, what channels is your company going to go through to get structural steel, steel frames and concrete wall panels to convert the blueprints and property space into a well-built structure?

Safeway Constructions: A More Cohesive and Comprehensive Solution for Sourcing Your Building Materials

At Safeway Constructions, we want to help. For 20 years now, we have been helping commercial and industrial construction companies see their building projects through from design to construction. We believe that there is no reason to go through one company for your structural steel, another for your steel framing and a third for concrete wall panels. Working with three different companies for these interconnected building elements can result in:

  • Parts that don't fit together well
  • Reduced budget control
  • Convoluted communication
  • Wildly differing deadlines
  • Project delays, inconsistencies or other problems

When you work with Safeway Constructions, we work to save you from these common project difficulties. We are not just Melbourne steel fabricators or just a precast concrete company in Victoria. On the contrary, we are a more cohesive and comprehensive solution for sourcing your building materials, a business that can provide structural steel, steel framing and precast concrete all under one roof.

At Safeway, we design and build everything in-house, with no third party contractors and nothing outsourced. We want to be able to ensure the quality of everything we sell, and just as importantly, to make sure that all of the various pieces fit together perfectly. Using 3D computer modelling, we can take the specifications of your building design and translate them into steel framing and structural steel products that are accurate within half a millimetre. Our precast concrete wall panels are just as reliable, built to line up perfectly with our steel work and cut so that all detailing (doors, windows, etc.) is exactly where you stipulate it should be.

Why Should You Work with the Same Company for Steel Framing, Precast Concrete and Structural Steel in Melbourne

By choosing the same Melbourne-based company for structural steel, precast concrete and steel framing, your building company will enjoy several significant benefits that you would never see from a more scattered approach. With one point of contact, it is easier to plan an entire project budget, discuss design specifics, consult over blueprints and check manufacturing timelines. When you work with Safeway Constructions, we will also time our projects so that you get the components needed, when you need them—starting with the structural steel, continuing with the steel framing and finishing with the precast concrete panels.

Finally, by choosing Safeway as your Melbourne steel fabricators, you avoid downtime due to building components that don't fit together. When you are trusting one company for an entire structural package, the likelihood of having to send parts back because they aren't compatible is much, much lower. At Safeway, since we build all components under the same roof, everything is designed using the same blueprints and the same processes—ensuring a perfect fit every time.