Why Precast Concrete Wall Panels Are Preferable to Site-Cast Concrete Panels (And Who to Call for Precast Concrete in Melbourne)

When it comes to manufacturing concrete panels for a construction job in Melbourne, a building company typically has two options. The first choice is to cast the concrete at the worksite, right before the panels are combined with the structural steel and steel framing. The second option is to opt for precast concrete, where the concrete panels are fabricated offsite and before the job.

At Safeway Constructions, we specialise in the second of these methods. We offer precast wall panels to building companies in the Melbourne area, along with structural steel and steel frames and beams. Most of our clients who try our precast panels never go back to site-cast concrete after working with us, simply because they realise the considerable benefits of using prefabricated panels instead of complicating things at the already busy worksite.

The Advantages of Using Precast Concrete Panels in Melbourne

How come most clients come to prefer using precast concrete? There are numerous advantages to this option compared to site-cast concrete.

First of all, and perhaps most notably, opting for precast concrete makes it easier to ensure that you meet all of your project specifications. At Safeway Constructions, when we fabricate precast concrete panels in Melbourne, we do so in a controlled factory environment that you can't replicate at a project worksite. This environment allows us to get the exact thickness necessary for your project (between 150mm and 15 metres) and to use 3D software that ensures we detail all of the elements of your concrete walls correctly. From window holes to doorways and beyond, there is simply no way to get the same level of exact detail with site-casting.

Secondly, working with the right Melbourne company for precast wall panels can help ensure that you get the right concrete mix and strength. It is considerably easier to control the quality of a concrete mix in a controlled factory environment than it is out in the worksite. The concrete curing process is also more straightforward than on-site. In the factory, Safeway Constructions has methods for accelerating the curing process and ensuring the strongest concrete possible. When you choose to site-cast, you have to wait for the concrete to cure, have no means of speeding up the process and have to worry about weather-related problems.

Thirdly, you just save time when you use precast wall panels in Melbourne. With site-casting, you go out to the worksite, cast the concrete and then wait around for the concrete to cure and gain strength. When you opt for precast concrete, you send the specs to Safeway Constructions and let us worry about the concrete mixing, casting and curing processes. This way, when the concrete panels arrive at your worksite, they will immediately be ready to be implemented into the project. Your construction team will save time and will be able to focus on making sure that the framework is secure and ready.

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