Steel Fabrication And Sustainability Go Hand in Hand, from the Structural Steel Fabricators in Dandenong

As global attitudes about manufacturing and production evolve, one term that gets bandied about quite frequently is “sustainability”. The capacity to endure. A challenge to businesses and industry to create processes and methods of doing things that are respectful of limited environmental resources, and take into account ethical concerns about living in harmony with nature, in a way that can continue to support future generations of people. Australia has placed growing value on the importance of long term sustainability in the construction of buildings and infrastructure, of which the use of steel is a major component. Steel has been ahead of the game regarding sustainability, and Safeway Constructions, leading structural steel fabricators in Dandenong, want to keep you informed on how steel plays into this growing movement.

Steel & Sustainability

To begin, we should take a look at the production of steel itself. Did you know that recycled steel is a major component in the production of new steel? Steel is 100% recyclable and has long been the most recycled material in the world. Since it is magnetic, it is easy to separate from non-ferrous materials during the recycling process. Steel can be reclaimed from many sources: automobiles, machinery, electrical appliances, etc.

Steel fabricators have long taken advantage of technological advances in steel production to make it more energy efficient: gases from steel production can be used internally to produce steam and electricity (this cuts down on the need to use external power). The process is close to a zero-waste operation. The main by-product of steel-making, slag, is used substantially in the creation of cement, further mitigating any concerns about the waste material.

Those points above, of course, are just the production aspects of steel's sustainability. As a building material, it goes even further. Thanks to its lightness and high strength, using steel in construction means less weight on a structure overall. Steel can span longer spaces than other building materials, and buildings constructed with steel benefit from simplified designs, which makes them easier to build and cuts down on waste and overages. As you already know, steel is recyclable, so when a structure made from steel reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be born anew as modern, rejuvenated steel.

The Go To Structural Steel Fabricators In Dandenong

Safeway Constructions has long been a leader in steel fabrication in Dandenong. We know construction, and we are aware of the value that steel fabrication has to create the most modern and efficient building designs. We detail all of our steel in-house using 3D software to give us a complete view of a project. We don't claim to be the only structural steel fabricators in Dandenong, but we know that our experience and industry knowledge give us an edge you won't be able to find anywhere else. Give us a call today on 03 9708 5775 to learn more about our how our high-quality products can make the difference for you next construction project.