Steel Fabrication and Construction Facts & Trends, From The Elite Structural Steel Fabricators In Frankston

Did you know that steel production in Australia has been on the rise for the last year? This viewpoint is in spite of the fact the global steel market traditionally views Australia as a smaller role player. How about the fact that advanced construction methods in the country rely in part on high-quality structural steel to reach fruition? As one of the premier steel fabricators in Frankston, Safeway Constructions is a part of this larger community. As such, we take pride in educating potential clientele near and far about some of the finer points of the steel industry, that, while they may not be front page news, are important when considering our market as a whole.

What You Need To Know About Steel

First, it'd be useful to learn more about what steel is, no? It's a ubiquitous material in our modern life, and has been a critical factor in manufacturing and construction for many years, though if you asked around, very few people would be able to tell you what steel was! In brief, steel is an alloy created from iron and other materials, like carbon. Its strength is highly valued, as well as its versatility and low production costs.

Though produced with other materials, the truth is that steel on average consists of 98% or more iron ore. Making iron ore essential to being able to create steel. Luckily, iron is abundant, making up about 5% of the Earth's crust.

Creating steel involves a process that combines and shapes the raw materials, namely iron ore. First, the ingredients of steel are melted together in a furnace; then the steel is heated and pressed into a basic shape. Steel is commonly treated with an acid bath or electric current to get it clean, and then given a surface finish to aid with its intended purpose. From here, the manufactured steel is delivered to steel fabricators, who can further shape the steel into usable pieces, like structural steel.

Structural steel refers to the type of steel used in construction projects. These are the I-beams, HSS, steel channels and angle pieces that you often see on construction sites. Steel parts can come in standardised sizes to make production and development more efficient and regulated. We use steel in construction for many reasons: Steel is strong and relatively easy to produced, and making nearly any shape necessary for a project is an easy task. It is highly fire resistant, in addition to being resistant to infestations from mold and mildew.

Steel Fabrication In Frankston

When it comes to steel fabrication in Frankston, Safeway Constructions has been a trusted name since the mid-90s. We produce commercial and industrial level steel for use in a range of construction applications. By using high-tech robotic equipment in our steel fabrication process, we can create precise, high-quality steel for just about any project imaginable. Our experience is what sets us apart from the competition. If you're in need of structural steel fabricators in Frankston, look no further than Safeway Constructions. Give us a call today on 03 9708 5775 to learn more.