How Steel Fabricators in Melbourne Make Structural Steel – Safeway Constructions Provides Fabrication for Numerous Projects in the Metropolitan Area

Steel beams are a major component of many commercial and industrial building projects around Australia. Project leaders need a supplier they can count on for quality steel products for the construction of factories, warehouses, office buildings, and more. Safeway Constructions has been servicing the Melbourne metropolitan area for nearly 20 years providing outstanding commercial and industrial building products such as precast concrete and structural steel. As steel fabricators in Melbourne, they use state-of-the-art technology to produce exceptional quality products that customers can trust. Here are two efficient ways they achieve Steel fabrication.

Electric Air Furnace Process

Scrap steel from things such as old automobiles and appliances is used to produce wide flange sections and different shapes of steel in the electric air furnace. Chemical additives are introduced to the steel to bring it to its desired metallurgical balance. The liquid steel is then cast into beams, cooled, reheated, and passed through rollers to form the beam into its desired shape. This process prepares beams for straightening and cutting into their desired lengths ready for shipping to their final destination.

Basic Oxygen Furnace

Traditional steel making uses a basic oxygen furnace where a coke-fired blast furnace first melts iron ore. An oxygen furnace then combines the molten steel with scrap steel. It’s then possible to make sheets or plates by pouring the mixture onto a ladle for rolling. Both oxygen furnaces and electric air furnaces produce sound, high quality structural steel for use in any number of commercial or industrial construction projects.

Steel Fabrication in Melbourne by Safeway Constructions

Safeway has been fabricating steel for the commercial and industrial building industries since 1997. We have used our steel in hundreds of projects around Melbourne. Clients continue to choose Safeway Constructions because of our ability to produce and accurately prepare each steel member for their project. We use the latest in robotic equipment to complete fabrication of our structural steel, and we detail all of our steel in-house using 3D software, which allows us to view an entire project and ensure that we have handled every detail correctly. In addition to our expertise and experience in producing precast concrete, Safeway Constructions is your source for a complete structural solution for your building project. We manufacture everything in-house giving builders the peace of mind knowing that all of their components will be made correctly and delivered on time.

Contact Safeway Constructions for Structural Solutions

We remain committed to our clients and our products. We take pride in completing our jobs on time and within budget. Customers can count on us to deliver, and our experience and expertise in the industry set us apart from our competition. Our ability to manufacture everything in-house ensures outstanding quality and fit. We are happy to work with any budget that suits our customers, and we can provide a no obligation quote for your project before starting. For more information about Melbourne steel fabrication and how Safeway Constructions can assist your project, call us on 03 9708 5775 or fill out the contact form on our website.