The Benefits of Building with Steel Frames and Beams in Melbourne and throughout Victoria

At Safeway Constructions, we have spent years providing builders throughout Victoria with steel frames and steel beams. We first opened our doors in 1996, and we continue to serve the commercial construction industry to this day. Steel frames and beams are a huge part of what drives our company, and it isn't difficult to see why. Building with steel components like these has numerous benefits, from structural strength to cost savings. If there is a question about whether to start a project with wood framing or to opt for steel frames, here are four reasons for Melbourne construction companies to choose steel instead.

Four Reasons to Build with Steel

  1. Steel has an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio: It's no secret that steel weighs more than wood, thanks in large part to its density. However, while a piece of steel will always outweigh a piece of wood that is the same size, wooden frames tend to weigh more in construction work. Building a wooden frame or support beam requires more raw material than using steel, simply because wood does not offer the same strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, while wood technically weighs less than steel, a complete steel frame for a building in Victoria will use less material and weigh less than an entire building frame built from wood.
  2. Working with steel leads to less material wastage: When you order steel frames and steel beams for your construction project in Melbourne, Safeway Constructions prefabricates each component based on your exact design. This production process uses 3D computer technology and robotic manufacturing equipment, to ensure an accuracy of +/- 0.5mm. The accuracy saves your team from having to cut the framing on site, eliminates human error and removes almost any possibility of a component ending up the wrong size. As a result, there is virtually no material wastage when you work with steel framing.
  3. Steel is greener than you think: Believe it or not, building with steel is an incredibly environmentally friendly decision. In addition to the reduction in material wastage mentioned above, steel is also a highly recyclable material. Reusing all the by-products from steel frame manufacturing is possible. In fact, some sources indicate that we recycle as much as 80 million tonnes of steel each year—more than any other material, construction or otherwise. Roughly half of the world's total steel production takes place in plants that only use recycled steel scrap.
  4. Steel is not susceptible to termites: Many builders around Victoria and Australia as a whole are wary of wood because of the possibility of termites. Steel, of course, does not have that problem.

Start Building with High Quality Steel Frames and Steel Beams in Victoria

From strength and durability to environmental sustainability, steel can provide benefits that few other building materials can. If you are interested in using prefabricated steel frames or steel beams for your next construction project in Melbourne, call us at Safeway Constructions to learn more about our products. We can offer a free price quotation for your project and are happy to work within your budget. Dial 03 9708 5775 to speak with one of our representatives.