Steel Wall Frames, Roof Trusses
& Flooring Systems

Our wall framing system is designed to streamline the building process making it more efficient and quicker without compromising on quality of the structural integrity. Our system also provides freedom in floor layout and architectural design for your building. All of the components are rolled in our factory using the latest high precision roll forming system. We only use Bluescope’s TRUECORE® steel that meets Australian standards and carries a 50-year warranty. Please refer to the Bluescope steel website for details regarding the warranty. Our design and detailing software is engineered to meet the Australian building codes for cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas. Our frames are designed using a 90mm ribbed C section for the Studs, Tracks and noggins, using a ribbed C section for tracks and noggins, sets our system apart from the other Lightweight Steel systems, and makes our frames about 20% stronger than most other steel frame fabricators.

Safeway Steel Frames’ roof truss connections and sections are fully tested and engineered to meet Australian building codes. Combining lightweight steel frame technology, advances in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and streamlined manufacturing has revolutionised building processes by making Steel Trusses the best option for many applications. Our trusses can be engineered to suit various roof cladding materials. The accuracy of our steel trusses streamlines the onsite process by achieving quicker installation time and eliminating costly rectification and adjusting work.

Frames can be supplied fully fabricated and packed ready for transporting, or in 'flat pack' form for onsite fabrication.


Advantages of Safeway Steel Frames:

  • Our frames are straight, square and lightweight making them easy to move around the site, no need for straightening and planing of frames that have been exposed to the weather.
  • Quick to install and mess free, also there is no need for cleaning up and waste disposal costs.
  • No need for drilling or cutting holes for plumbing or electrical services as our frames come with pre-punched service holes.
  • Safeway Steel Frames are termite proof and fire resistant.
  • Trusses are lightweight and easy to install, no need for onsite cutting or adjusting.
  • Similar layout to traditional timber trusses making it easy for roof carpenters to install.
  • Safeway Steel Frames’ trusses are up to 40% lighter than conventional timber trusses.
  • Our trusses are straight and there is no risk of them warping, sagging or shrinking.
  • Using our steel roof trusses greatly reduces the combustible material in your roof area.

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