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Timber or Steel Roof Trusses?

Are you in the process of constructing a new roof? Then you probably have your hands full as you try to figure out what type of roofing design to choose or what type of roofing cover materials to get for your project. But there is one more thing you absolutely must consider before getting your roof installed; roofing trusses.

Roofing trusses are the construction that keep your roofing materials in place on top of your home. Traditionally, trusses are mostly made of timber and these have quite a few pros and cons to consider before you decide on the best type of trusses for your construction project.

Timber Trusses

Wood trusses are a very popular type of roofing construction material because wood is generally more affordable than steel. But if you think that this is the best roofing material for your home or building then think again. Wood has quite a few negative aspects you need to consider before you decide on this type of truss.

Top Pros of Wood Trusses
  • Affordable material
  • Easy to install with minimal expertise requirements
  • Strong material- dependent on grading
  • Recyclable product- downwards only
  • Renewable product
Top Cons of Wood Trusses
  • Timber is fuel to fire
  • Vulnerable to water damage
  • Timber’s properties will vary over time due to changes in humidity and temperature
  • Can bend or bow over time causing damage to your roof surface
  • It is only renewable at a downgraded level for example used timber can be used for chipboard flooring but once it’s reached the lowest form of recycling it can only end up in landfill.
  • Wood is susceptible to insects such as termites
  • Wood can rot or erode over time
  • Timber isn’t as strong as steel
  • Chemical treatments such as pesticides and oils are required to keep wood in good condition
Steel Trusses

Steel trusses are becoming increasingly popular in modern home constructions for various reasons such as the fact that they can be constructed off-site in advance. At Safeway Steel Frames we truly believe that this is the better and stronger roofing material for your home or building because of the many benefits of this type of material. Here are the top pros and cons of steel trusses.

Top Pros of Steel Trusses
  • Steel is a lot stronger than wood
  • Steel has a much higher strength to weight ratio
  • Steel isn’t fuel to fire and the use of this material reduces the risk of building fires
  • It is much more flexible in terms of design
  • It will keep its shape over time and remain unaffected by temperature and humidity
  • Steel is more durable than wood
  • It can be recycled into the same product
  • No chemical treatments are required to keep steel in good condition
  • Steel isn’t vulnerable to insect infestations or rot
  • Steel is lightweight
  • Steel is a flexible product that can be used to create an infinite amount of roofing designs
  • These materials are fully recyclable
Cons of Steel Trusses
  • A higher skill level is required for building and installing steel trusses
  • Steel is slightly more expensive than wood in the beginning
  • Requires better planning, which is not necessarily bad as better planning produces better outcomes

As you can see, steel trusses do win in terms of durability and functionality. We highly recommend you choose steel instead of wood for your upcoming development. It retains its integrity and remains consistent in shape over time meaning it can be cleverly engineered to be utilised in structural applications without overcompensation. The maintenance is much lower, steel has a much greater carry weight and offers much more protection for your building.

Safeway Steel Frames specialises in these types of structures. We can pre-make any type of steel structures for you and can get them installed for you with ease. With our professional designers and building teams at hand, you will receive a strong roofing structure that will last you a lifetime without the need to ever care and maintain your roof ever again.